Please read the Rules of Membership and then click the download below for a copy of the membership form and print it out and send together with membership fee to the address stated on it.

This is a summary of the rules and these rules are subject to changes in the Rules of the Kennel Club. For a full copy of the rules please contact the Club Secretary.


The club shall be called  The West of England Bull Terrier Club. The club considers the counties of :- Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Avon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Wiltshire to be the ambit of the West of England.


To encourage its members in the management, breeding, training, exhibiting and every aspect relating to the improvement of Bull Terriers.
To encourage breeders, judges and exhibitors to accept the correct type of Bull Terrier according to the Kennel Club Standard.
To foster friendly relations with and between other Bull Terrier Clubs.


Candidates for membership or joint membership must be proposed by one existing, fully paid up member. Candidates shall complete an application form and forward it with the appropriate subscription to the Hon. Secretary or Hon. Treasurer for consideration at the next Committee meeting.
Nominations shall be elected to membership by the Committee on a 2/3 rds majority if those present and voting by a show of hands. Each member and joint member shall be entitled to one vote immediately upon acceptance of membership by the Committee.


The annual subscription shall be of such sums as the Committee shall decide from time to time and be confirmed by 2/3 rds majority of members present and voting by a show of hands at an Annual General Meeting and shall become payable to the Hon. Treasurer on the 1st January each year (such subscription charges shall be notified to the Kennel Club.)
No Member whose subscription is unpaid by the 1st March or is financially indebted to the club, shall be entitled to any of the privileges of membership and his/her name shall be erased from the register of members. Persons wishing to rejoin proceed as Rule 5. New members joining the club after October 1st of any year shall remain members until the end of the following year.


Members of the Club undertake not to breed from deaf Bull Terriers and further conform to the Code of Conduct as set out hereunder:
A. I will conform with the West Of England Bull Terrier Clubs code of ethics as a condition of membership.